Dayhim Zeraat Gostar was established by experienced managers and employed highly skilled and educated people considering booming demands of increasing efficiency in Iran agricultural sector.

Our main goal is to provide farmers and orchardists with required services and products in order to improve efficiency, which means improving quality and quantity of products, decreasing production costs and minimizing soil and water waste. This could be achieved through improvement of the relevant software and hardware.

Dayhim Zeraat Gostar activities in terms of hardware enhancement in horticultural sector are accordingly as follows:

- Improving rootstock and variety based on a region’s climactic, soil, and water conditions.
-Improving cultivation techniques
-Improving pruning techniques
-Designing and implementing anti-hail systems
-Designing and implementing anti-frost systems
-Designing and implementing irrigation systems

And in terms of software modification we target:

-Improving nutrition plans
-Implementing new methods of pest control
-Implementing new methods of weed control
-Implementing new harvesting methods
-Implementing post-harvesting and storing methods

In addition, Dayhim Zeraat Gostar provides VIP clients with organic farming plans.